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    Pharmaceuticals Process: Wet & Solid Preparation Areas, PW, WFI, Pure Steam, OzonW, Vacuum Steam, e.a.

  • FOOD


    Hygienic processing with optimal SIP/CIP characteristics for all Unit operations both continious and batch.



    Extractions, Distillations, Mixing, Reaction, Dispersion, crystallization, filtering, evaporation, e.a.


    Continious & Batch Reaction

    Mixing, Blending Dosing, Post Dilution, Post Differantion, e.a.

Process Technology at it's best!

Focusing on your toughest challenges, we are innovating with effective and efficient design.
We are driven by our commitment, our promise of quality and the consistency to deliver the best turn key solutions for your process...

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Saravanos S.A. is one of the leading companies in Process Systems. With 20 years of experience Saravanos S.A. has developed an expertise that combines engineering, 3D design, top quality manufacturing and complete process control software integration. 




We provide complete modularization for all of our projects. Our skid mounted process solutions merge mechanical, electrical and process control software in a single module for robust operation and complete integration. 





...we have successfully delivered  complete process areas  for many well known products...





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Complete Process Areas.
Plant Layout Design and manufacturing for all modules and units together with tank farms, utilities, material handling from raw material to final product...


All Process Unit Operation
Like Mixing, Dosing, Blending, Reactions, Extractions, Distillations, Absorptions, Heat transfer, Evaporations, Condensations, Drying, Solid handling. e.a.


We have more than 500 Skid mounded solutions. Skids are prefabricated parts witch facilitate fast development with high fexibility and reliability.
Skids are the smallest elements for process design, manufacturig, and integration. Facilitate and accelarate the development with standard solutions for almost all  parts of a modern process system. Most of utilities, CIP, SIP, Water treatment, cluster valves, arrays, multiport stations, tankfarms, Pigging systems, etc are in most cases a compination of skids in a single layout.