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    Process, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Simulation, 3D design, Elevations and pipelines modeling, Plant layout  and manufacturing integration with 3D scanners...


    Top quality manufacturing, 100% prefabrication including pipelines, skids in unique plant layout according to process models and precise skids solutions...


    Power & Automation Panels,   Power and Control hardware, Sensors, Process Instrumentation,  Signal & Power in Skid based architectures...


    PLCs, VLSs, Operator Panels, SCADA, HMIs, Process     Control, DCS, Control rooms, Networks, VM Batch, Archive, Servers based systems, Client/Server, e.a.

Process Technology at it's best!

Focusing on your toughest challenges, we are innovating with effective and efficient design.
We are driven by our commitment, our promise of quality and the consistency to deliver the best turn key solutions for your process...


Saravanos S.A. are designers and manufacturers of processing plants in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, personal care, and chemical industries.Our synergy is based on parallel design, engineering, manufacturing, and operational software development of processing plants under a single company. Company origin is in early 90’s as an engineering office for process control software and technology. Our range of services has grown to include all expertise for turn key modular process systems. Our expertise combines engineering, 3D design, top quality manufacturing and complete process control software integration. 

We provide complete modularization for all of our projects. Our skid mounted process solutions merge mechanical, electrical and process control software in a single module for robust operation and complete integration. 

Confidentiality is top priority for all of our activities.



turn key solutions: