process modules - units & skid mounted solutions

MORE THAN 500 Solutions...

Simple Pigging Stations(in line –off line stations)

Compatible with most sanitary “Pigs” available in market. Material available for Pharma/food FDA. Upgrade Kit for existing systems. Full drainable system. Compact design. CIP/SIP.

Circle Pigging / Loop Back Pig

Circular Line, launching / docking stations, delivered in many different layouts





Pigging & Manifold Combination

System can be delivered in many different piggable designs based on process needs. Clock or linear layout. Detectable positions / Safety interlocks


Pig & Pig Anti-foaming

Full product recovery - Twin direction - Fully drainable



Piggable Vertical Clusters

Alfa Laval mixed proof valves or combinations - Pigging with all unit operations with complete material recovery - Piggable pump stations


Manual Pig Stations

PLC control or Manual operation - Safety device & interlocks - Separate CIP connection, fully drainable


Double Pigging - Twin Operation

Pigging with water propagation - Pigging with nitrogen propagation - High speed Pigging



Piggable Skids / Elevated Pig Stations

Systems can be delivered in many different layouts of most common process units (pumps, Heat exch, filters, etc) - Adjustable design. Full product recovery - Even faster CIP change over


Automated Cluster

Compact but customizable design - Up to three layers - Horizontal or Vertical - Minimized footprin - Multiple to multiple connections - Automated functionallity - Fully drainable.


Piggable Vertical Clusters

Alfa Laval mixed proof valves or combinations - Pigging with all unit operations with complete material recovery - Fully drainable.



CIP clusters

CIP cluster - 5 step central utility up to 6 loops - PIG combined.




Filler Mate

Clusters for fillers - Multiple products to single filler unit - Fully drainable - Full product recovery - CIP embedded - Configurable and adjustable to needs


Dosing Clusters

Clusters combination for batch systems - Common water line - Full product recovery - PIG Combined - CIP embedded - Multiple materials to one dosing system


Tank Farm Clusters

Customizable to any tank farm size - Multiple material input and output - Route combinations, easily programmable and configurable


Multiport Arrays / Block Valves

Compact solutions for pharma and other applications.




On Demand

Skid mounted - Ethernet, profinet, prewired - More than 200 clusters manufactured - Upon demand and configurable to your needs


Single Module CIP skids

Fixed skid covering any process needs - 3 to 5 steps - Fully drainable - Self cleaned

Multiple Module CIP skids

Compact & module based design - Customizable - Expandable - Adjustable to future needs

Portable CIP Utilities

Compact design - Minimized footprint - Easy CIP supply all around, according to your needs.

Large Scale CIP skids

Hign and low pressure capable - Various flow rate capable - Simultaneous multiple system cleaning - Complete and solid solution

High Flow Rate CIP skids

Units for combined application for low/high pressures - CIP for pipe usage(low pressure), and/or high pressure low flow rate for jet spray balls - Single Units or combined with common steam utilities.

Outdoor CIP Enclosed Areas

Complete CIP solution - Customizable layout - Dedicated room for external areas - Future needs provision.

Food CIP Skid

Specialized CIP skids for food industry - Complete solution - Minimized footprint

CIP with PIG

Combined CIP and PIG functionalities - Full media recovery - Fully drainalbe system - Minimized footprint - High-end automated functionality.

LOW effluents, minimize change over time.

DI Water

Units from 1-50m3/h, Storage tank compination with ozon or hot water

Steam Operated Hot Water

Utility for various temperature from a single source.

Super Heated Hot Water

High temperature without steam.

Electrically Heated Hot Water

Plug and play skid - Energy consumption based - Optimized efficiency - Independent functionallity

Purified Water

Use for pharma or sample preparation applications.

Cooling Utilities

In a large number of configuration as a utility.

Ozon Utilities

Compact design - TOC monitoring - Ozon safety redundancy

Weight Batching Systems

Move virtually any bulk material, from any upstream source, to any downstream destination

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Flexible Screw Conveyors

Move efficiently and with flexibility bulk materials ranging from large pellets to sub-micron powders — both free-flowing and non-free-flowing — with no separation of blended products.

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Pneumatic Conveyors

Satisfy an exceptionally wide range of bulk conveying applications that range from single-point "up-and-in" installations to cross-plant systems with multiple pick-up/discharge points and automated controls.

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Bag Dump Stations

Reduce material waste and eliminate the need to clean a remote dust collection site, while protecting workers and preventing plant contamination.

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Bulk Bag Discharge Systems

Eliminate the drawbacks of outdated designs while dramatically improving convenience, safety and cleanliness.

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Tubular Cable Conveyors

Route vertically, horizontally or at any angle, through small holes in walls or ceilings, with configurations range from basic systems with one material inlet and one discharge, to systems routed in several directions over hundreds of feet/meters, with multiple material inlets and outlets.

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Portable Conveying Systems

Fit through tight spaces with reduced footprint and maneuver through narrow aisles and around corners providing conveying capabilities all around, according to your needs.

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Combined Conveying Systems

Combine various systems to achieve endless caabilities in bulg material handling.

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Tank Farms

Skid mounted tank farms

from 100lt-7500lt. CIP/SIP embeded.

Standalone Autonomous Vessels

Customizable design, either adjusted to process needs or for general usage - CIP ready - Dedicated control, autonomous functionallity

Portable Vessels

for various purposes

Modular Autonomous Skids

Compact & modular design - Expandable - Customizable - Adjustable to future needs